Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Current Experiment- almost done

I've left it alone a few days so I could come back with a more objective eye. There's some more detailing around the eyes to do (mainly eyelashes); a little more detailing on the hair nearest the face (that forelock is also a little 'blocky' looking); some more 'atmospheric colour' and definitely a crop on the left hand side so the face is more central. I think the shadow under the nostrils is still too strong- she is a mutant who has no nose, just a subtle bump with faintly-rimmed nostrils. This was actually harder to get 'right' than I'd thought- whatever 'right' is.

I'll try to bash on and complete it tomorrow, as I'm getting bored of it now and want to move on to something else. The only real purpose was to try to learn a bit about the technicalities of how to 'paint' in photoshop, beyond that I had no real 'vision' for the painting so I've been just making it up as I went along- not the best method for getting the strongest picture, but hey-ho, it's only practice anyway.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Painting Practice - the continuing saga...

Moved the painting on a little- mostly background stuff though. My original plan to keep the clothing fairly loose appears to have fallen through...

It's getting there, but I felt I needed a little break from it as I need to refocus to getting the finishing done. I've been jumping around repairing and building the other parts up to catch up with the face and I just need to consider where I'm going next. This is what happens when you don't plan a piece out. Still, I've done better than I thought I would already- just need to plan the final push.

Also, I suppose I should mention I managed to do my first page of comics in a year and a half a wee while ago, for Dogbreath, the Strontium Dog fanzine- what else would it be? :)
The story is part text, part strip (mostly text). I won't post up any panels for it, as there weren't many, but it's a start and I'm just glad I can still use my arm. Details, as ever are on the Quaequam Blog here...
DOGBREATH #30 now available from Futurequake Publishing

Also check out ZARJAZ, the 2000ad fanzine while you're there.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Current Experiment - My new mantra will be 'New Layer...New Layer...New Layer'...

...instead of "edit... undo... edit... undo".
So, I've worked more around the eyes and tidied up the adjustments a bit on the painting, plus I couldn't stomach the hair and clothes being so loose, so I decided to bring them on a little more to integrate everything together a little. If you right click on the image and show in a new tab, you can zoom in a bit to get a bigger view.

There's still more to do to the face- particularly down the right (her left) side- the eyes needs attention and the side of her face is sticking out a bit. I need to cool and darken into the hairline to push it back a little, also the back corner of the jaw is too harsh- I need to round it off and push it up a little. The eyebrows are only just started as well, and the corners of the moth are still not playing ball. Ideally, the clothes should only need a little more, with the neck and hair having more of a finished look and then the face more polished still- that should (hopefully) in the detailing stage. Then I'll need to start looking at context- lighting, shading and background. I think if I was to do it again, I'd get to this point a lot faster- this has been a steep learning curve.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Current Experiment- ongoing...

So I've been carrying on with trying to get a handle on the digital painting malarkey and have made some progress with the painting... I got fed up with the lack of the rest of the painting moving forward so quickly brought in the beginnings of hair and clothes...

The eyes were freaky and drawn wrong- that's what you get for using the finger-pad on your laptop instead of plugging in a pen & tablet. So I've adjusted them a little and started alterations to the corners of the mouth, thus...

Those areas need working up and also the tone around the eyes could be pepped up a bit. She also needs eyebrows and lashes, otherwise she will continue to look... disturbing. Overall, it's going okay and I'm learning- which is the main thing. You can discuss, read, watch vids and research as much as you like, but it's only when you actually do it that you can truly learn, abstract knowledge is only a small piece of the puzzle. Nore later, (assuming it doesn't end up in the digital bin, of course).

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Busted Art- Doc Death

This one was done for another 2000ad message board competition round about November last year- A Tribute to Dead Characters. I chose a Strontium Dog character (naturally), Dr Lionel Death- who supposedly graduated from the University of Santiago with a Masters in 'Torture as an Artform'. I had to pare back the complexity of my initial ideas to accommodate for the fact it would take me ages to draw, ink and colour it with the arm still in bad shape, so I simplified it while still trying to get the idea across.

I like the colours, but I think I was a little too subtle with the textures, I was trying not to overdo it and undercooked it instead! I think I have one more bit of broken-arm art left from last year to post and that will be me caught up with things a bit. Meantime, I'm still working at the digital painting of Laura Gonzalez in the previous post.