Saturday, 30 January 2010

Doctor Maniacus

Here's a picture I did for a 2000ad message board competition- it's Shadow Warrior Doc Maniacus from the ABC Warriors strip. A mixture of paper & ink, artrage and photoshop with the balloon done in Illustrator (big thanks to Jim Campbell for his tutorial and additional assistance in teaching me how to do that).


  1. Really really liking your style since discovering your blog a couple of weeks ago. You art style totally captures (for me anyway) a period of 2000ad that brings back great memories and makes me want to actually read the story and not just skim thru it.

    Long may you continue.

  2. I dunno what to say Alex- thanks!
    It means a lot coming from a proper comic artist! I'm glad you like it and I'm really happy it makes you feel that way.

    Thanks for the encouragement, both of you.