Monday, 11 January 2010

Dogbreath 19 Cover

As promised, here is the wraparound cover to Dogbreath 19, without the titles etc. This was completed on the final day of the deadline at stupid o'clock in the morning! I had completed the colouring on the figures and spent hours on the original background, but the original background really was appalling and was utterly obliterated in a fit of tired pique and replaced in a mere 20 minutes with the purple/ green/ blue that you see here (yes- green is in there too- the way it mixed with the purple produced a bluish blend into the very small amount of blue added).

I said last post that Shadow was a touching tale- but don't let that fool you- from episode to episode the violence escalates from brutal fisticuffs to a finale which starts with an axe killing and follows through with an entire installment of gunplay and explosions, fire and a rising body count. The whole thing hints of more background to Harry's former life as well as adventures new for the characters left standing.
And there is more- I know, because I've seen the preliminary scripts! Whether these will appear in Dogbreath, or whether Alec and I will need to do these as some sort of web-zine, I'm not sure.
Dogbreath always appears to be seen as the poorer cousin of Zarjaz- but it's my favourite and I think I'm correct in saying that it is 2000ad's longest running fanzine, so buy it and ensure it remains so. All hail Dave Evans and Richmond Clements for keeping it alive after Dr Bob decided to call time on her editorship. Long live Dogbreath!


  1. All Hail Dogbreath indeed! Without solid creators like Bruce the mag would not exist, so we owe you thanks, and not just for the art!

  2. Okay I'm going to break with tradition and actually post a comment on a blog. That looks like a great start min. I've seen a lot of the sketches you did over the years and its good that you now have a forum to show them off. Any chance of an artistic rendition of Sam Sead?

  3. How many chips can one man draw?
    There is nothing artistic about our fat friend...