Friday, 15 January 2010

Last Word on 'Shadow'

I wanted to post one more picture from this story. There was one flashback panel in the final episode which depicted Harry making a bomb. Alec and I thought it was quite an important picture as it showed beyond any doubt that Harry had once held the same views as Visionary Lygate, but the bomb got covered with a speech balloon. With hindsight- we should maybe have asked for it to be moved, though we just assumed it had been deemed a bit too controversial having the 'hero' portrayed as a 'terrorist'. That may or may not have been the case but it's Dave and Rich's comic- they pay for the publishing so that's their prerogative. Hence, we didn't say anything at the time.
However, it was Alec's story, my art and this is my blog- so I've decided to put it on here without the dialogue, that's my prerogative. So here it is...

The panel itself has that scratchy, unfinished look that Ezquerra often used to portray flashbacks and dream sequences. The lack of solid black hopefully makes it different enough from the 'real-time' panels to mark it out as a flashback.


  1. That's fantastic! I must say after looking at this and the pages you've posted, you may be my second favorite SD artist after Ezquerra! Excellent work!

  2. Your cheque is in th post...

  3. I'd love to say that it was an editorial decision, but I think it much more likely it was a hurried lettering decision. If anything like this happens again you MUST say something.

  4. Heh- as I say, we just assumed it may have been an editorial decision, and with the deadline looming/ loomed, it was let go. It was just one of those things!