Friday, 15 January 2010

Page Samples (Dogbreath 18)

Posting time again. Call it a teaser, call it a sample- whatever ye like! Anyway, this page is the opener for 'Shadow of the Mutant' part 1. This appears in Dogbreath 18 which is still available from the Futurequake Press shop (see links on the right). It's the set up for the scenario and introduces the main characters. First person who can name all the Stronts who make background cameos wins the satisfaction that they are true S/D geeks! You can click on the images for a larger view.
Next up is page 4 from the same issue- as well as a touching tale, action packed and thought provoking, there's also a bit of tongue in cheek humour in the mix:

These are spaced out to avoid spoilers and are pretty low-res images. I'm showing the lettered pages to promote the story in general, rather than just the artwork. Each episode is eight pages long, so there's a decent chunk of story in there.

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