Monday, 11 January 2010

Shadow of the Mutant

Here's a picture I did for fun as a kind of advert for Shadow of the Mutant- a three part story written by my good friend Alec Robertson for Dogbreath, the Strontium Dog fanzine. It features porcupine-haired bounty hunter Big Harry McShane and his ex-comrade Visionary Lygate, a die-hard mutant revolutionary, in a touching tale of a disillusioned man haunted by past demons.
Is Harry really on the right side- or is he trying to wipe away the feeling that it is him who is wrong?
The story ran in issues 18, 19 and 20 and all three are still available via FutureQuake Publishing. Once I get a better handle on this blogger thingamy I'll put a link up to FQP. I also did the cover for issue 19, which featured Shadow of the Mutant on it. I'll post that up without the cover lettering at a later date.
The story was a homage to Portrait of a Mutant- A Strontium Dog story from many moons ago in 2000ad. This story was the one that got me hooked on 2000ad and is still a firm favourite of both myself and Alec.


  1. Hello
    This sounds good. I only started buying Dogbreath recently (21) Could you maybe post a few sample pages of this story?

  2. I'll check out that it's ok with Dave/ Richmond to do that first, Alex. I should think it would be ok but best not to incur their wrath! If I get the ok i'll post some up as I have a few pages on my computer. There are some panels from it on The Quaequam Blog , though it might take a bit of searching to get a look at them all!
    I'm biased, as it was my friend who wrote it, but I really thought he did a great job on it, I thought it was very well paced, building up tension to the finale; and thought provoking but with plenty of action and more than a hint of sadness about it.

  3. Looks great. Very old school 2000ad which is my thing.

    Just ordered the first part. Cheers for posting

  4. Thanks Alex. Aye, 'old school' was the intention, we hoped that it would bring back fond memories of what was probably Strontium Dog's finest hour.