Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Shining in Six Panels...

As mentioned earlier- I did artwork for a script written by The Emperor for the Little White Lies magazine competition. The challenge was to do the whole film in only 6 panels on a downloadable template. We attempted 'The Shining' and here it is...
Click on image for larger pic

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

More Soon...

No blogs so far this month as I've been a bit busy! I did artwork for the Little White Lies 'Film in 6-panels' competition. The Emperor provided the script for 'The Shining'- I'll post the whole page up once the winner has been announced.
I've also been working on 'From Below' part 2 for Dogbreath, I'll get some samples up for that soon too.
Work then commences on the Final part of 'From Below', as well as a couple of other projects in the pipeline, including a strange request from a friend for something for a magazine he's involved with. All will be revealed. Or at least some of it, anyway!
More soon