Friday, 19 March 2010

More From Below..

Couple more teasers for 'From Below' this issue of Dogbreath (N0.22), 2000ad's longest running fanzine. It is now available to pre-order, and will be available to buy at Hi-Ex in Inverness on 28th March. Also available will be new issues of 'Zarjaz' and 'Futurequake', plus back issues of all three and Something Wicked. All from the guys at the FutureQuake table.
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Last issue saw Laura Gonzalez and her young protege, Wolfboy, head out to the Pacific and an undersea town in search of their prey- Dela Cruz. Things don't quite go as planned and the two Stronts now have to find Dela Cruz before their unscrupulous rival Stront (Slabhead) gets to him first. To top it off, Slabhead may not be the biggest problem our mutants have to deal with...
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