Saturday, 15 May 2010

Shiny New Things...

Been a while since I've gotten a chance to squeeze one out, as I've been straining at the drawing board. So this one is a bit of a double-header. Faintly amusing poo analogies aside, this month sees the debut of Red Sands 2.1 via Starscape Online through Clickwheel and MyEbooks. Some time ago now Alex Ronald wrote and drew Red Sands 1 and shortly after was working for Tharg at 2000ad. It's a new century, hell it's a new millenium, and it's long past time that The Lawman was plucked from that rope hanging off the cliff!
So here is the first episode of Red Sands 2, written by Matthew McLaughlin, art by me and lettering by Dave Evans (Bolt 01). The icing on the cake was when Alex kindly agreed to produce the cover image- and what a fantastic image it is- I love this cover!

click for larger image
I was also working on a promo image for Time Bomb comics. This is for Angels of the Somme- a graphic novel following Pvte Frank Docherty on the Western Front. This is written by Alec Robertson and I'm currently working on the art. Dave Evans (Bolt01) will be lettering. It's a biggie though, so it will be a while before it's out.

click for larger image