Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kick-Ass Dredd

Here's a picture I did which was inspired by a discussion on the 2000ad forum. I was going to work on a back ground which would tie it in (in some convoluted way) with the current 2000ad art competition theme- something to do with Dredd on a busman's in Millarworld. But I've no time to work it up (I did try some colours out on this too and have some rough ideas of backgrounds worked out) . Maybe I'll stick the colour version up, but it's not going to be finished off now. Just another 'practice'.

click image to enlarge

Saturday, 25 September 2010


When the news came out that Carlos Ezquerra was undergoing treatment for lung cancer and Mark Howard (The Legendary Shark from the 2000ad message board) was putting together a comic to send as a 'get well soon' gesture from fans and pro's alike, I wanted to get involved. So I produced a little pastiche of Kursed Earth Koburn (Judge Dredd Megazine, Gordon Rennie/ Carlos Ezquerra) . Apologies to Rebellion for nicking the logo out of the Megazine, but it was in a good cause. I'll show the page without the lettering, as that seems to be what the consensus is...

click image for larger view

Friday, 3 September 2010

Through The Pain Barrier...

Sorry, haven't blogged much lately- Ive just been too damn busy!
I still am actually! Anyway- here's a quick teaser from the last part of From Below which will be in the upcoming Dogbreath, due for publishing pretty soon- keep an eye on The Quaequam Blog for details on this and Zarjaz. I think I fractured my right thumb over the summer hols- thought it was staved but it took 7 long weeks to get full movement back, and the first half of that time I could barely hold my pencils, couldn't hold my plectrum tight enough to play my guitar properly and was struggling to tie laces! Still, all better now, I got the work done and it didn't mess up my schedule too badly (well, any worse than I would have messed it up with little or no excuse anyway!).
Enough o' the whining shite...
Wolfboy breaks out the big guns...