Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Kick-Ass Dredd

Here's a picture I did which was inspired by a discussion on the 2000ad forum. I was going to work on a back ground which would tie it in (in some convoluted way) with the current 2000ad art competition theme- something to do with Dredd on a busman's in Millarworld. But I've no time to work it up (I did try some colours out on this too and have some rough ideas of backgrounds worked out) . Maybe I'll stick the colour version up, but it's not going to be finished off now. Just another 'practice'.

click image to enlarge


  1. That has a certain feel of the Carlos about it, especially the shoulder pad.
    Very nice!

  2. It is a top-notch Dredd (you should hassle the Zarjaz boys for a shot at Dredd) and the whole composition is excellent - catching Kick-Ass in mid-flight certainly gives it a really dynamic feel (something Gibson Quarter does a lot).