Friday, 3 September 2010

Through The Pain Barrier...

Sorry, haven't blogged much lately- Ive just been too damn busy!
I still am actually! Anyway- here's a quick teaser from the last part of From Below which will be in the upcoming Dogbreath, due for publishing pretty soon- keep an eye on The Quaequam Blog for details on this and Zarjaz. I think I fractured my right thumb over the summer hols- thought it was staved but it took 7 long weeks to get full movement back, and the first half of that time I could barely hold my pencils, couldn't hold my plectrum tight enough to play my guitar properly and was struggling to tie laces! Still, all better now, I got the work done and it didn't mess up my schedule too badly (well, any worse than I would have messed it up with little or no excuse anyway!).
Enough o' the whining shite...
Wolfboy breaks out the big guns...


  1. Bruce, that is a fantastic panel. Your inking is outstanding.

  2. Cheers Matthew. Just got to keep trying to improve on stuff.