Friday, 8 October 2010


Whilst taking a bit of a break from the relentless, endless sea of comic pages I am currently trying to wade through, I drew some Tyranny Rex (mainly because I have been drawing lots of surly fighty blokes recently and it made a nice change). I am under orders from The Emperor to put these on the blog, so I thought I'd post them before bed- otherwise I'll forget. Tired. Sooooo tired!

First up, a cleaned up (slightly) pencil drawing of Ms Rex dancing. It was my intention to put a handbag on the floor at her feet, with a gun but sticking out. I just haven't finished yet.

Next is another top down view- I had an idea to put some images together into a montage piece, but I'm a bit busy to go any further with this, which is a shame, cos I was getting into it for a bit. C'est la vie.

I had a go at a bit of colour on this one, which was to form part of the montage (but without the background, which I just lumped in without much thought or planning).
Anyway- off to bed then back to work on comic stuff tomorrow. I promise, I will show what I've been up to eventually- I just can't really do that just now.


  1. Ooh, like that last one, Bruce. For some reason I really like the hair - nice, pukish look. I don't recall ever having seen your work in color, so this is cool.

  2. Pukish?
    Puking is great.
    I aspire to have pukey hair!
    I suspect you meant 'punkish', though!
    I did a colour cover for Dogbreath 19, though most of what I've done has been for B&W comics, so colour work is usually not required. I have been practising colouring in photoshop for a while- making the change from paint to digital is a bit awkward, but I'm making a little headway (IMO).
    John Smith reliably informs me that Tyranny is supposed to be green, despite her being brown/ flesh coloured in early colour covers from Dillon. Tbh, I pretty much look on Dillon's Tyranny as definitive. But I AM biased towards Dillon anyway.

  3. Oh yeah- I did a colour page for the Carlos project (a couple of posts down the blog)

  4. Oops, yeah 'punkish'. Ha, that's a bad typo but I've committed worse.

    How did I miss your Carlos post? Must have been buried. I also don't have Dogbreath 19...but I'll check it out soon! Great work though, Bruce.

  5. If something is buried in this blog, it'll only be a shallow grave!

    It's here (without the logos):

  6. Thanks for posting these - they are so good it'd be rude not to share it around ;)

    I spotted a Dillon-esque feel to the helmetless Dredd and it is here again and you have captured Tyranny wonderfully - I always thought it was a clever move on Dillon's part to only show the scaled skin pattern along the edge of limbs and her jaw/cheeks as it doesn't overwhelm the reader (and keeps her foxy ;) ). Yeowell went with that and you've got it bang on. Interestingly Mark Buckingham's take on her didn't really do this and it could have been mistaken for fine linework, still everything else about his run was excellent (apart form him not being able to stay on for the rest of Deus Ex Machina) and still stand up after all this time, as does Dillons obviously. It is why a Tyranny Rex trade would work, I know John doesn't rate much of his early work (especially the early Indigo Primes) but they are still solid stories and the art is of a high standard, mostly (it can be a bit of a poke in the eye with certain stories, which we won't name ;) ), so it'd be a more solid collection than the IP one, where you really need to get those stories out of the way as you are waiting for Chris Weston to turn up.

    That colouring business is odd as John seemed to either not know about it or he had forgotten, as I had assumed she was initially going to be brown and it was changed when she went full colour. All very odd.

    Oh and "pukish"? I thought you meant puckish, which would fit.

  7. These are great! Tyranny is probably my favourite female 2000ad character. Favourite most underused one anyway. I have to say, I thought that in the first pic she was brandishing some pretty amazing underarm hair...and whats more, it was making me rather randy!!!!! LOL. A fetish I never knew I had (for, like, dinosaur ladies, I mean!!) But then I realised it was just her hair hanging down and all was right with the world! :)

  8. Cheers guys.
    Dinosaur/ Eurochick oxter-hair, eh? Now you've said it I see it- you are Roy Walker and I claim my £5 (if I ever ink it, I'll maybe adjust that!).
    Tyranny was one of my favourite female characters too, despite finding many of the actual stories confusing! She has a hell of a lot of potential and I'd like to see her return. I love Yeowell's art, but I'm not sure he's the right guy for Tyranny- personally I'd love Dillon to draw her again, but that's very unlikely.

    Emps- I did another one of just the head, where I tried a different way of marking out her scales- then I unearthed Soft Bodies, a story I never truly understood, and discovered it wasn't a million miles away from what Will Simpson had done. I think Will was my next favourite artist to work on her.
    I reckon it worked the way Steve did it because he was a very minimal artist for shading- by confining what effectively is just cross hatching to the edges of the skin and leaving it out altogether from clothes, hair etc the contrast seems to work.
    Unfortunately, Deus Ex Machina 2 happened during my Thrill Sucker years, so I haven't seen it. A collection would certainly interest me.

  9. Sounds like you've done your research there - I'd love to see you get a Tyranny Rex story in Zarjaz, doing one has been in the back of my head for a bit but nothing obvious suggests itself ;)

    The first part of Deus Ex Machina was the best one (and it stands up really well to a re-read as I ran through it the other week) but there are still plenty of great ideas in the second half - I just don't find the city they end up in very interesting.

    Captcha code: symbull (almost sounds Smithian - in fact perhaps it is a sign, a simulated-bull, a symbol? Hmmmmmm)

    Second captcha code: Kings - something is trying to tell me... something.

  10. Well- I'd deffo be up for it- collaborate with john to kick some ideas around. He's always good for crazy ideas. You have plenty of time- I'm pretty busy now, but it won't be forever (sadly)