Wednesday, 24 July 2013

++SPOILERS++ A Moments Hesitation addendum ++SPOILERS++

Only just discovered there was a review of DB 24 over at Everything Comes Back To 2000ad (actual podcast link). On it they have some rather heartwarming stuff to say about the story, so thanks for that, Flint and Luke- I was more than a little worried when I discovered it's existence! it's also nice to see some talk of Dogbreath as Zarjaz seems to be a lot higher profile and Dogbreath often seems to pass under the radar like a stealth fanzine- an effect of being more story-specific I guess.

The review does contain spoilers and a little explanation of the story is probably required so SPOILER ALERT.
The guys were talking about the stories end and the gaffe that leads to a little confusion is my bad for sure. The Kreeler survivor is shown looking at a picture- a photograph which the last panel is supposed to reveal as him standing with his son who is supposed to look like Johnny. Perhaps I should have given him  fair hair to differentiate but I thought that having visible dark pupils should be enough, which is why 'Johnny' has no glasses...

I felt the thrust of the story was to show that Alpha's killing of the Kreeler left a boy very much like him fatherless- thus portraying the mutant uprising to be as reprehensible as the Kreelers exterminating them. I had a huge ideological problem with this, frankly, typically liberally wank attitude- imagine if everyone had taken that tack with Hitler. I felt the Kreeler was a fascist bigot who volunteered as a hater of mutants, not some nice-guy average dad, and deserved a big hole in his head toot-sweet. The violence of the Kreelers was unjustifiable bigotry and hate, whereas the violence of the Mutant Army was entirely justifiable and about survival. So I resolved to try to subvert the message, because I felt someone had to.
I attempted this by adding the writing to the Kreeler's kids shirt 'Blue Jeans and Clean Genes' alongside the Kreeler logo. I hoped the message would then be that this guy was bringing his kid up to be yet another bigoted wanker- for which he truly deserved to die.

Thanks again ECBT2k for all the kind words

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