Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sue me

Neglecting this blog again- no apologies at all, been really busy with comic stuff and had lots of way more important family stuff going on.
Which also means the sketch a day has fallen by the wayside too.
I am Jack's mephitic pineal gland.

Anyway, I've had Manga Studio 4 for a while and attempts at using it for inks were uniformly shite so I didn't use it, the recent addition of a modest bamboo tablet to replace my old Asis one (which has no Win 7 drivers due to the companies defunctness). The smoother drawing surface makes for a much better line and now all I have to get over is my own personal ineptitude. I have been trying...

Exhibit A...

and with added photoshoppery...

Exhibit B (Dredd sketch inked then farted-about-with)

Exhibit C (a Kirby sketch wot I found online and inked for practice)

So, to recap- Manga Studio 4 is good, my use of it- shaky but improving. I have some other Dogbreath related stuff to post up too but I'll keep it separate for the legions of admin junkies that obviously read this blog.

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