Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Busy , busy...

Practicing drawing digitally into manga studio. I'm finding it cuts time down on the drawing by a noticeable degree. This is a quick loose sketch and it really didn't take long at all (though I wasn't really looking at the time at all).

I like how you can just scribble away then clean up if need be after, with no tears, messes or smudges to obscure what you've done. I can see it would be quite fast to tighten this up a bit into a more worked version for inking.


  1. This looks great! We're happy to hear you're creating awesome art in less time than you're used to. Please share your art with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages! ^KD

    1. Thanks! I'm not on Twitter, but I can share on fb, so long as you don't mind a German F-bomb...