Wednesday, 9 July 2014

FUCK that last post, right in the ear.

Especially this bit:
"I can't really talk too much about what I'm up to- it will magically jinx it. You can laugh, but I've been here before and experience tells me how wrong you are. I will update, tease and pimp come the time."


Sorry I've had to neglect this blog for a bit- , For anyone that isn't already aware- I broke my right arm really badly in November and had to get an op to plate and pin the bastard together. It's been a long road rebuilding the muscle and movement (I'm still a good bit away from 100% on this), as I'm not allowed to use weights at all, they are still not certain that the bone is healing yet... I'm due an x-ray in August and if there's no sign of healing to the bone by then they are thinking bone grafts next, which means back to square one with the muscles again. I had thought "a year, tops", but it's starting to look more like 2 years being more realistic.

Anyhoo, normal (poor) service will resume at some point in the future.