Sunday, 19 July 2015

Busted Art- Doc Death

This one was done for another 2000ad message board competition round about November last year- A Tribute to Dead Characters. I chose a Strontium Dog character (naturally), Dr Lionel Death- who supposedly graduated from the University of Santiago with a Masters in 'Torture as an Artform'. I had to pare back the complexity of my initial ideas to accommodate for the fact it would take me ages to draw, ink and colour it with the arm still in bad shape, so I simplified it while still trying to get the idea across.

I like the colours, but I think I was a little too subtle with the textures, I was trying not to overdo it and undercooked it instead! I think I have one more bit of broken-arm art left from last year to post and that will be me caught up with things a bit. Meantime, I'm still working at the digital painting of Laura Gonzalez in the previous post.

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