Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Current Experiment- almost done

I've left it alone a few days so I could come back with a more objective eye. There's some more detailing around the eyes to do (mainly eyelashes); a little more detailing on the hair nearest the face (that forelock is also a little 'blocky' looking); some more 'atmospheric colour' and definitely a crop on the left hand side so the face is more central. I think the shadow under the nostrils is still too strong- she is a mutant who has no nose, just a subtle bump with faintly-rimmed nostrils. This was actually harder to get 'right' than I'd thought- whatever 'right' is.

I'll try to bash on and complete it tomorrow, as I'm getting bored of it now and want to move on to something else. The only real purpose was to try to learn a bit about the technicalities of how to 'paint' in photoshop, beyond that I had no real 'vision' for the painting so I've been just making it up as I went along- not the best method for getting the strongest picture, but hey-ho, it's only practice anyway.

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