Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Current Experiment - My new mantra will be 'New Layer...New Layer...New Layer'...

...instead of "edit... undo... edit... undo".
So, I've worked more around the eyes and tidied up the adjustments a bit on the painting, plus I couldn't stomach the hair and clothes being so loose, so I decided to bring them on a little more to integrate everything together a little. If you right click on the image and show in a new tab, you can zoom in a bit to get a bigger view.

There's still more to do to the face- particularly down the right (her left) side- the eyes needs attention and the side of her face is sticking out a bit. I need to cool and darken into the hairline to push it back a little, also the back corner of the jaw is too harsh- I need to round it off and push it up a little. The eyebrows are only just started as well, and the corners of the moth are still not playing ball. Ideally, the clothes should only need a little more, with the neck and hair having more of a finished look and then the face more polished still- that should (hopefully) in the detailing stage. Then I'll need to start looking at context- lighting, shading and background. I think if I was to do it again, I'd get to this point a lot faster- this has been a steep learning curve.

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