Friday, 17 July 2015

Interlude- Current Experiment

So while I was laid up with an immobilised arm I was bored rigid- no drawing, no guitar playing. So I watched a lot of youtube vids on digital painting. I was looking at ways of blending colours in an attempt to get a more painterly finish, rather than the kind of 'digital colouring' stuff I've been playing with. Once I was able to use the pen & touch, I started playing with it- just practising blending techniques until I found something I could get a handle on- practising using it to create form and shape. So I finally decided to jump in and give it a go... though my scanner is bust at the moment so I just used a pic I already had on the computer. Normally I would take the shaded picture and trace it into a simple single-line drawing marking the areas of definition only, then scan that and use it as the initial drawing, but the broken scanner means I just had to clean it up a little in photoshop instead- not ideal and comparatively slow.

Now, I didn't clean up the hair, because I just wanted to concentrate on the face for now- normally (with real paint) I like to keep the whole painting moving at broadly the same time, as far as possible, but this is my first attempt at digital painting so I don't want to overwhelm myself. I can always add layer adjustments to the whole thing at the end to get colour/ tone balances fine tuned at the end.
Next up was to find photo-references for skin colours and create a basic palette to work from, then just dive in and start painting...

The palette is mainly from photo-reference, though there are a few blends into colours I thought might be useful based on what I had- it's on a separate layer so I can switch it on and off- handy for selecting colours from. I have another layer underneath with a basic palette of warm and cool primaries and secondary colours, plus a grey-scale- I haven't used it much yet, but it may come in handy. It's pretty basic and rough so far, and looks way better with the full drawing layered over; but I'll keep working on it and post up results as I go along. I should improve technique as I go and also get faster- which will be good.

I should also add that 90% of this was done on the laptop using the finger pad, which is utter madness! Really don't do that, cos it's shit- don't be lazy, go and get your tablet and do it properly! Now I'm taking it a little more seriously, I bit the bullet and walked to another room to get the damned thing, so I'm looking for it to pick up a bit in precision from here.

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