Sunday, 2 August 2015

Distracted by Fascist Propaganda

Over on the 2000ad message board there's an art competition for this month again and it's been a while since I've done one, so I thought I'd have a go again. I've got some stuff on the boil in the background, so I can work on this a bit. I still have a couple of little tweaks to do to finish the digital portrait of Laura Gonzalez, but it's handy to have something else to move onto as soon as you finish one.

The competition is:
"2000ad is full of wars and authoritarian regimes. Produce a piece of propaganda for one of them."

At first, I was thinking of doing some Mutant Army propaganda from the Mutant Uprising in Strontium Dog- in an old Dogbreath story, 'Shadow of the Mutant', there's some grafitti sprayed on a wall depicting the Alexander Muties heads with the slogan "ONWARDS... AYE, ONWARDS" as a little jokey play on that character's dialogue. I thought about working that up to look like it had actually been sprayed on a wall, rather than just a drawing. I started looking at propaganda posters for ideas too- and I finally settled on this poster on the Italian Fascists...

I thought I'd do a mock-up cartoon first just to get an overall idea of where it was going, so I did a rough sketch in photoshop and grabbed sme base colours from the poster to start playing with a palette...

then I started laying in some colour quickly, and roughed up a Kreeler logo (there'll be some writing to go in there too, though I haven't settled on a final slogan). I intend to use some of the colouration, There will have to be alterations to the uniforms and I want it to look more like comic art than stylised blockymen, though I'm not decided on whether to include line-art or just go with a painted look. Here's a rough of my idea...
Scanning and printing is still a problem until I'm back at work again, but I can go ahead and start drawing up the figures and the Kreeler badge properly for now- I have plenty other bits and pieces to be working on right now anyway. More later.

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