Monday, 10 August 2015

2000ad Forum Art Comp: Onwards to Genetic Purity...

It's been a bit hectic with Real World Stuff, so posting shit on a blog that sees less traffic than the back road to Maggieknockater has been neglected the last few days. Anyhoo- I've done some more work on my supposed entry to the 2000adonline message board art competition. My printer/ scanner problems remain the same so I just sketched it up in photoshop, I was going to use Manga Studio, because the drawing feels nicer in that program, but I'm far more accustomed to photoshop and still find the UI a bit mystifying in MS. If all I had to do was just draw- then Manga Studio would suit, but it's never as simple as that so it's PS for me for the moment. As I'm only sketching, it doesn't matter too much at the moment, it's never going to be anything other than 'scrappy'. I don't think I can draw properly digitally at all yet- nothing to do with software, I find the surface of the tablet too hard, smooth and hence 'skytie'- I wish it was slightly rubberised for a little more traction. I tried placing a piece of really thin, cheap-ass printer paper on and drawing on that, which worked a little better, though thinner paper, like maybe layout paper, could be an option.
Anyway- writing is boring, so is reading, so here's where I'm at...

It's pretty rough, IMO; but I've got a blue version for printing (back to work on Friday), which I can then hand draw and ink over the weekend , ready to scan in on Monday. Meanwhile, I'll get started on a colour layer so I can get this finished in time for the competition deadline (maybe). I plan tweak the colour palette from the original poster a little for a basic Blue/ Red/ Yellow split complementary scheme which doesn't deviate so much from the original as to be unrecognisable.

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